10 years Ago In The Industry. Mi Casa Make a New Deal with Universal Studios


10 years Ago In The Industry. Mi Casa Make a New Deal with Universal Studios

South African band Mi Casa is celebrating 10 years within the industry and has just signed a world deal.

The band started receiving major attention after their hit single These Streets was released in 2001. Their fifth album – with new song Church Bells – was thanks to being released on 15 May this year. That had to be pushed back.

The band’s singer and songwriter, J-Something, told the 702’s Midday Report that their longevity within the music industry has been difficult to believe, but that it’s the beginning of something new.

“I’ve actually been walking around all day as if I didn’t know we’ve been together for 10 years. I’m just in shock, it’s insane. It’s a milestone for us and it’s just the start of another chapter.”

At 6 pm on Friday night, Mi Casa hosted a celebration on social media platform Facebook, after announcing they signed a serious global record deal.

The band has just signed with Universal Studios, which J-Something says offers the band its first bite at the international music cherry, “which has been our dream”.

But the ten years together have taught J-Something, producer Dr. Duda, and trumpeter Mo-T, that nothing is impossible.

“More than anything … as brothers, we’ve learned that perseverance pays off. In times like these once you check out a band like Mi Casa, it seems like we’re achieving a number of our most vital goals.”

“Today the lesson on behalf of me has really been, there’s a true reward in patiently pursuing what you’re keen on,” he said.

J-Something isn’t too concerned with the album release being pushed back, especially now that the news of their international signing is out.

“We had to keep off the discharge to July where we’ll be restrategizing and releasing the project properly with a worldwide strategy,” he said.

“Thanks to everybody who has supported us over the years. It’s been 10 years within the making,” he said.

The band has 3 South African Music Awards under its belt, and a number of nominations, from the MTV Africa Music Awards to the danceroom music Awards, and has sold out numerous concerts, including global audiences like Canada, Portugal, the UK and therefore the Netherlands. In South Africa, they’ve had eight favorite singles, including their hits Jika and Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend, both of which went multi-platinum.