Arthur Mafokate’s family grew up and became stars.

Arthur Mafokate’s family grew up and became stars.

The joys of fatherhood are one of the most amazing experiences in men’s lifetime. Although it can get tricky, especially during children’s teenage years. Nonetheless, being a present father and supporting your kids is one of the most beautiful things today, since most men shy away from the responsibility.

South African Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate’s life has always revolved around his family and music. He has four beautiful kids, which he clearly adores. The king of Kwaito never shies away from showing off his kids on social media and showering them with his love.
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Although he has never been married before, his failed relationships which some were never publicized did produce four beautiful kids which he loves very much. Arthur has received so much criticism before because of his complicated affairs which he had with those working for him. Despite the criticism he faced, many have come to love him because of how he excells on his fatherly role.

His first child was named after himself, Arthur Mafokate Jr who is also a musician and a Dj. Although his son was mostly raised by his mother, the two still maintains a good father and son relationship. Dj AJ as he is known professionally, is now a father to a little girl which he has occasionally shares her pictures on social media.

Owami Mafokate whom people said to be Arthur’s photo copy, is his second born and first daughter. Owami has also followed into his father’s footsteps and ventured into the music industry. At 19 years old, she’s a Dj and seems to be doing well.

Kelello Mafokate who is 16 years old and currently in school is the third born. Last year in September, Arthur took to social media to celebrate her daughter’s sweet 16 birthday.

Onalenna is the last born in the family and she is also still in school. She was born on the 12th of December 2012 and she’s currently 8 years old. Arthur is a very proud father he enjoys sharing pictures of his kids who are still schooling in their school uniforms.