Makhadzi got 5 times her pay after her amazing performance in Zimbabwe


Makhadzi got 5 times her pay after her amazing performance in Zimbabwe

R1 155

It seems to luck us overflowing on the carpets 9f makhadzi and she is making it more way than what she has ever done in her life while growing up she faced a lot of bad weathers torned up dreams butvshe never stopped dreaming. She grew up at the Limpopo province just arpund venda where she revealed to her fans that shevused to walk kilometers just to perform for free now she is performing for a hard-rocking R1.5 million.

She recently had her tour to the sides of Zimbabwe at Harare where she turned the stage upside down and she impressed one of the rich man’s that side, that he multiplied what she was getting five times. Here is the post of such news from Twitter.

R2 136

Every dream is valid just like what is happening to makhadzi she used to get R2 sometimes just by performing now she is ranking in the millions what a good way to live indeed. Her attire now is even costly she wears outfits close to 10k a trouser alone.

Here is a picture of the famous Venda queen as she is being told how good she is how she deserved the bonus.

After such a story was posted here are the comments because that occurred right on stage after performing the gentleman walked right on stage and he announced that he will be giving her 5 times what she was promised.

Source:Twitter social media platform

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