Pearl Thusi thanks everyone who supports her in silence.

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Queen Sono star Pearl Thusi has once more lashed out against haters, who criticise her for being light-skinned.

It’s no secret that Pearl isn’t shy to voice her opinions on colourism. With countless clapbacks and interviews on the matter, Pearl has again come to the TL to hit back at those that claim that she has enjoyed “light-skin privilege”.

In a mini-rant, the media personality told fans to be kind to her haters since she has big things within the works.

“Please comfort my haters … They’re close to call me names and say only my complexion gets me work etc. Nothing new really … I just do not like to ascertain people hurting because I’m rising. It cannot be nice,” wrote Pearl.

She went on to thank fans for the undying support and love she receives.

The star also said that she has noticed a pattern of the web knocking her down, just for her to beat successfully .
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“What’s also weird is that each time, and that i mean whenever i buy attacked on Twitter — God always pulls up — my biggest deals are always concluded that very same week! Keep talking about me y’all!

“If I got attacked hebdomadally , I’d need to start trying to find new properties because I swear y’all love making me get more bags. i actually love all of you. Don’t hate the players, hate the game!” she wrote.

Check out her tweets below:

And right time arrived her haters and lovers within the replies, waging a war within the name of ‘Pearl Thusi vs. the colourism debate’. albeit she often airs her views, it looks like fans cannot help but comment!