MaKhumalo Is Using Something To Target MaYeni UthandoNesthembu

MaKhumalo Is Using Something To Target MaYeni UthandoNesthembu

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There are a lot of things that are going to be made up on social media and surely, the Mseleku family understands this very well, but the issue regarding muthi that was being used to target MaYeni was actually brought up by Mseleku.

And this was definitely not taken lightly by the public, people wanted to know who is behind all of this and that question is actually still being asked, even now.

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You might remember that the conversation about this ended up on a very sad note. And this is because people were trying so hard to figure out who Mseleku was talking about, MaKhumalo’s name was put in the mix.

There were probably other wives’ names too, but the name that came up frequently was MaKhumalo’s and it was just unfortunate because this made it seem like she had so much hate for MaYeni that she would go as far as consulting a Sangoma to deal with her.

And in a way, Mseleku was the one to blame for all of that because he also was not straightforward, some people claim that he hinted that MaKhumalo was using muthi, but there is no certainty there.

People who know every single episode probably know what the exact truth is when it comes to this, if he was referring to MaKhumalo or not, but it had to be one of the wives. So, it very well could be that, he was talking about MaKhumalo, but there is no clarity regarding that.

The viewers are the ones who seem to be sure that Mseleku was talking about MaKhumalo, but there are those who chose to keep it safe and mention that they are waiting for Mseleku to give them the full version of the story.

But there is another view here, it may seem as if some people still think that Mseleku is the cause of a lot of problems and it could be that he was using this to shift the attention from him.

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There is a lot happening, but again, it is unlikely that Mseleku would do that to his own wives, obviously, we will have to look closer at the whole situation and that will need some serious analysis.

But, there are a lot of things we do not know about the Mseleku family, there is a lot that happens when we are not watching.

As for the muthi matter, we cannot confirm or deny that it is true, we will have to wait for Mseleku to tell us what he was on about, he is the person who can be able to put an end to the speculations.

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