3 most iconic roles played by actress Katlego Danke


3 most iconic roles played by actress Katlego Danke

Katlego Danke is a renowned South African actress who has made a significant impact on the television industry since her debut in 2002. Widely recognized for her exceptional acting abilities, Danke has captivated audiences with her dynamic performances, particularly as Keketso Chaka in e.tv’s Backstage and Dineo Mashaba in SABC1’s Generations.

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With an impressive career spanning nearly two decades, Danke has consistently demonstrated her versatility, seamlessly adapting to a diverse range of roles and delivering consistently impressive results. Her success in the industry has solidified her status as one of the best talents to have emerged from South Africa.

Here’s a look at three of her most dynamic roles:

Role as Keketso Chaka

In 2002, Danke showcased her acting prowess when she landed the role of Keketso on the e.tv youth soapie Backstage. She portrayed the character of a crazy and delusional student at the Vulindlela College in Johannesburg, where the show’s young cast studied performing arts.

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Backstage, which aired weekdays at 6:30 pm, focused on the challenges faced by youth in college or university. Danke’s captivating performance as Keketso lasted for four years, before she left the show in 2006 to take on the role of Dineo Mashaba on the popular television series Generations.

Role as Dineo Mashaba

Danke’s portrayal of Dineo Mashaba, a magazine editor married to the villainous Kenneth Mashaba, a wealthy businessman played by veteran actor Seputla Sebogodi, on the popular South African soap opera Generations, solidified her status as a household name. Her convincing depiction of the role of a rich trophy wife on the 8 pm show resonated with audiences, showcasing her talent and contributing to her widespread recognition.

Role as Onthatile Ndaba

Onthatile Ndaba, the captivating actress, experienced a remarkable career breakthrough in the previous year. She joined the acclaimed television series Gomora, portraying a complex and multifaceted character – a mother of two teenagers whose life takes an unexpected turn.

Onthatile’s character, driven by a vicious and ambitious nature, finds herself thrust into a precarious situation when her wealthy husband is tragically killed during a hijacking orchestrated by her own mother, a powerful tavern queen. This devastating event leaves Onthatile’s character grappling with a sudden loss of economic status, leading her to return to the very township she was raised in, setting the stage for a captivating narrative.


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