4 SA Celebs Who Are In Long Relationships


Rappers are often seen as promiscuous and players in a time were their considered A-List celebrities. Although this can be a true fact for some rappers in the game, there are quite a number who have been able to stay loyal to their partners.

Some rappers have been in relationships with their girlfriends since they were still in high school. Shane Eagle and Nasty C are two perfect examples of rappers who met their current lovers in high school. Shane Eagle recently revealed that he started dating his girlfriend since 2013.

Nasty has also been in a relationship with his girlfriend Sammie since they were in High School. Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle have been together for over ten years now and have become a power couple.

Shane Eagle

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Uyihlo noNyoko Uyise noNina 📸 : @donkat_seles

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Riky Rick

Priddy Ugly