Mapula Mafole mourns her dad, who died from cancer.


Mapula Mafole mourns her dad, who died from cancer.

“Its been a difficult year. A month ago today, I lost my dad.” -Mapula Mafole, the actress from Rhythm City, has had a difficult ride. The actress, who has previously struggled with depression, is still going through a tough time following the death of her father.

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Mapula Mafole revealed that she lost her dad to cancer.In a recent tweet, the actress shared that trying to adjust to her new life has been challenging and revealed to her followers that she is still in pain and that she couldn’t get over it anytime soon. She added that her father was her biggest fan and believed in her and that’s her only motivation now.

She wrote:

Its been a difficult year. A month ago today, i lost my dad. Im still not okay. I don’t particularly want to be here anymore but he would have wanted me to go on. He was my biggest fan and believed in me. Thats my only motivation now. Anyway… I miss you Papa 💔🕊️ #cancersucks


Mafole also revealed on her Instagram account that her heart is broken and that nothing makes sense anymore because everything reminds her of him.“I hate that i can’t share things with you anymore. I hate that you are not here. I will love and miss you until my last day Papa.”

In real life, Mapula faces a lot of ups and downs. She is one of those actors who goes through depression at a young age. Portraying teenager roles since 2012, her characters often tell stories affecting youngsters in African societies. Her road to fame, quite a bumpy one, is an inspiration, and she continues to thrive and steps on the stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

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After enrolling at AFDA for an acting course, her father comes back home from the UK after years of searching for greener pastures. Life takes a turn for the worst as Mapula’s father suffers a stroke and cancer, pushing the actress into a dark place.

The actress is left in the care of her siblings when both her parents relocate to the United Kingdom in pursuit of better jobs. Struggling with the frequent school transfers, she fails to fit in.Piling up all that loneliness and anguish, she eventually falls into depression and battles anxiety. At only 13 years of age, she seeks the help of a school psychologist. It was not until she was about to graduate that she regained her confidence and decided to pursue acting.

Her mother is still alive; she is a certified nurse, but the death of her father really hurts her. It has been one year since he died, and the actress is struggling to get over everything. We put her in our prayers.


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