6 celebrities who have been replaced for bad acting

6 celebrities who have been replaced for bad acting


Buhle Samuels

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The actress got popular when she bagged the role of Matshidiso on Muvhango. Matshidiso was a beautiful woman who had an affair with Ranthomeng and threatened to expose him to his wife. People admired her because she was a good-looking woman with a great physique but they later got disappointed when they claimed she could not act. She later left the show because she was allegedly fired for being a diva on set. She still continued getting roles and people had been asking could it be because of her beauty?

Ntando Duma

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Her career debuted when she became a TV presenter on Etv’s Craz-e She later got an acting job as Zindzi on Rhythm City. She wasn’t perfect in her role but people just gave her a chance because she was still young and new in the industry. Last year she landed the role of Mpho Sebata on the queen. This character depressed a lot of viewers because they said she wasn’t doing it any justice. She was failing to portray the character and could not express herself. When it came to crying scenes you could see clearly she was acting and tears would not come out. People concluded she was a bad actress. After a season she left the show and a lot of viewers took to Twitter to say how happy they were.

Larona Moagi

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A lot of viewers on the river have stated how Larona cannot act. This was even seen by her fellow worker Moshidi Motshegwa who is an expert in that department. Moshidi had a difficulty acting with Larona on The river because she stated she could not act. Moshidi later got fired on the show because Larona laid complaints against her for making her feel uncomfortable.

Brian Themba

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After Themba Nofemele who played Ranthomeng on Muvhango got fired, the singer Brian replaced him. People did not like this because he wasn’t good in the role. They claimed he was too slow and soft for acting. Brian is a good RNB singer meaning he should probably stick to that.

Phindile Gwala

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Reports were made a few days ago that the actress was dismissed from work because producers were not impressed with her acting skills.

Sharon Seno

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The Botswana beauty queen had many social media users asking if Muvhango goes for looks or talent when employing their actresses.