9-years later and Mzansi still have not come to terms with the tragedy

9-years later and Mzansi still has not come to terms with the tragedy

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Tweeps have collectively joined hands with TV news anchor Leanne Manas who this morning is overcome with emotions as she misses her late former co-worker, friend and veteran TV news anchor Vuyo Mbuli.

It’s been 9-years since the tragedy that claimed Vuyo Mbuli’s life. Leanne Manas who has been friends and co-workers with Vuyo Mbuli on SABC’s news channel The Morning Live is still finding it hard to imagine her world without Mbuli. Time and again Leanne Manas takes to social media to remember and commemorate the late Vuyo Mbuli. This time around was no exception as Leanne Manas has just scored big

While in a celebratory mood after being awarded the French National Order of Merit Award for her contribution to the South African Journalism. Leanne Manas would have loved to celebrate her glory and win with her late friend whom she assures would have been so happy for her biggest achievement thus far.

“You would’ve been very proud my friend. 9 years today and I still miss you so much” wrote Leanne Manas

Leanne Manas has been the very one who has been consistent while making sure that she celebrates her late Vuyo Mbuli. This goes to show that the connection, chemistry, and deep friendship they shared was one for the books. Taking to social media, she always let the fans and followers be reminded of this national treasure who passed and left Mzansi bumping heads.

Fans and followers have joined hands while sharing the beautiful memories they have of the late Vuyo Mbuli. Taking to social media, tweeps have made t known that they truly and dearly miss the man who made news anchoring so easy and smooth, which went to show that the passion for TV ran in his veins.

“I remember the day after he had passed, no one in the studio could keep a straight face. Everyone looked like they wanted to cry. Some cried especially that weather lady. I cried with her” wrote Danica Khumalo

“Growing up (primary) I looked forward to waking up o hear the two of you talk n him saying “hita balabola mundzuku xap xap” just before I leave the door for school made my day all the time, the two of you resenting together just made sense,” wrote Violet

“True used to be late for work watching uBosso wena but not able to tune in anymore since he passes on nothing to do with Leanne and current crew his sudden passing away was such a shock, May His Soul find eternal peace,” wrote Joy Khumalo6

Leanne Manas is in celebratory mood as she wishes she could be sharing all her happiness, glory and joy with her former co-host. The award that has been bestowed to Leanne Manas is quite a huge achievement and t recognizing her input and contribution into shaping journalism in the country.

One tweep has wished Leanne Manas best wishes on her achievement, while singing Manas’s praise as the best news anchor who both with Vuyo Mbuli made TV looked so easy. The hero may be gone but most definitely he would never be forgotten.

“Congratulations on your award Leanne, wish you well. I remember well your first morning on television with Vuyo, you guys made TV easy to watch in the mornings before hitting Joburg traffic. I can’t believe you are still doing it to this day. Well done and God bless” wrote Nhlanhla Dube

Congratulations are in order for Leanne Manas and 9 years it’s been the longest time but we all miss the charismatic and kind Vuyo Mbuli. Rest in eternal peace.

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