947 radio personality Msizi James is grateful for his two mothers.

947 radio personality Msizi James is grateful for his two mothers.

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947 radio personality Msizi James has the rare privilege of getting two wonderful women he calls mom and while that does mean going double on the presents for Mother’s Day , the radio personality wouldn’t have it the other way.

While it isn’t uncommon for Africans to be raised by an “army” of mothers, Msizi’s story may be a bit different, therein his second mom came within the sort of a big-hearted American woman.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the radio personality expressed his gratitude as he explained how his having two moms happened.

“I was raised by two strong women, my biological mom Sylvia and my American mom Pat. Pat came into my life once I was five and though she never adopted me, she just about raised me, as I lived together with her till i used to be 18.

“This was an excellent help to my biological mom, Sylvia, who may be a single mom of 4 , with me being the last born. They taught me everything i do know today, and their joint wisdom has been a luminary in my life,” Msizi said.

The recently engaged Msizi said watching his life, he wouldn’t change a thing and shared that his love for music comes from Pat, who always played such a good sort of music within the house growing up, from Dylan to Johnny Clegg.

Before adding that he gets his sense of humour and love for people from Sylvia — who he explained, has spent her whole life publicly service, running her own NGO that takes care of families within the community Molweni, KZN, where she grew up.

Here’s our Q&A with Msizi.

Best thing your moms taught you?
The best thing they need taught me? Without being cheesy, they need taught me the way to love people. Both of them just ooze love and compassion.

One of the simplest pieces of recommendation I even have ever got from my mom (Sylvia) is, “If you are doing anything, don’t roll in the hay for free”. Ha-ha, the irony of that being said by someone who runs an NPO.

All guys love their mom’s cooking — what’s the one dish your mom makes that you simply love?
Mom’s cooking … it is so funny, but one among my favourite things to try to to is cook Sunday lunch for my fiancée and friends. This love for cooking comes from watching my mom cook seven colours whenever the family came together.

I rate myself as a reasonably good cook. I even own a restaurant, except for the lifetime of me i can not roll in the hay like she will . Whenever my mom visits me in Jozi or i’m going home, the sole thing I ever ask her to try to to is cook on behalf of me . My favourite meals made by her are curried Pilchards and porridge, not together in fact , ha-ha.

How does one plan on celebrating her this Sunday?
Mother’s Day is usually such a tough one, as neither of them sleep in Joburg, so via my siblings I always send Sylvia some gifts and call in during lunch.

Pat has since moved back to America, so Mother’s Day together with her this year are going to be a really long Zoom out in an ungodly hour.