A big change in the Qwabe twin’s life. money can change anything.

A big change in the Qwabe twin’s life. money can change anything.

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Someone caused a huge stir the Qwabe twins and writing that money has power. Some people found it very hilarious and were laughing about it saying that ended now they believe that no one is ugly but the people won’t be having money. They were really perplexed after seeing the transformation of these twins therefore they were once made fun of when there was still getting into the industry. Just like any other celebrity when they first came to the industry they did not look as good as people expect celebrities to look like and this make them become memes on social media.
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It is not good to make other people and make them feel less of themselves therefore you do not know what they will be going through. Imagine someone deciding that I want to be on National TV than being mocked until they lose their self-esteem. As for those twins they did not lose their self-esteem they kept pushing and did what they know best which is a good thing. People must not follow media that therefore it doesn’t allow you to be true to yourself.
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People on media do not appreciate it when others are embracing their skin color and how they really look. These comments are an example of how people love it when we do things to impress them. Therefore the picture that was posted before the twins put makeup it had nasty comments.

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People were laughing and saying all those sorts of things but the one with make-up is getting good compliments and people are saying that they are beautiful. Therefore I think they are beautiful just the way they are with or without makeup