A close person to Millicent Mashile gets beaten and shot by her husband

A close person to Millicent Mashile gets beaten and shot by her husband

Actress Millicent Mashile has expressed her heartbreak after someone close to her was a gender-based violence victim.
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She took to Twitter to express her sadness:

According to a report by Eswatini’s New Observer, Jabulile’s husband Pastor Sikhumbuzo Shongwe shot his estranged wife, Jabulile Nkonyane three times after a verbal altercation at Tisuka Flats in Moneni last Sunday.

“The dramatic scene took place at Shongwe’s place of residence at Moneni. His wife Jabu, with who he has been entangled in a bitter court dispute with Shongwe, is battling for her life at Manzini Clinic where she was rushed to after the ordeal. Her brother who had accompanied her to the scene was admitted at RFM Hospital with a gunshot wound on the arm”

It is also reported that the Pastor defended his actions and said that he was simply protecting himself after Jabulile came with her brothers to attack him.

A few days ago, the twins, Innocent and Millicent pulled a number on us. They revealed that they were pregnant but didn’t really disclose who among them was the one expecting.

After taking to YouTube to delve a bit more into the pregnancy, they gave us the impression that Innocent Sadiki, who stars as Sthoko on Skeem Saam, was the one expecting. Turns out it was her sister Millicent who is the one that is actually pregnant – for a couple of months now it seems. Six to be exact.

Milly also gave a special shout-out to her twin boys who have been supporting her throughout her pregnancy and treating her like a Queen.

“Say Hello to the newly appointed Big Brothers. My boys have made this journey so beautiful, I am treated like a queen. God has really blessed me with the most loving & affectionate children. It was a pleasure for me to say YES to their request for a younger sibling” She posted on social media.

Speaking at her gender reveal, she said that she didn’t create any expectations about the gender of her child even though everyone wanted her to have a girl since she has two boys. She just wanted the moment to be real.

“Honestly I didn’t create any expectations. Because I really wanted the moment to be real. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I wanted to be equally happy because a baby is a blessing” She said.

At the end of the video, she expressed how happy she was and revealed that her husband was the happiest man in the world.

“I enjoyed my gender reveal. I enjoyed my day. It just feels like I literally just found out that I’m pregnant. And my sister made it so special. I’m so happy that my husband is happy. Honestly, I just feel like when you have two boys, you must have a girl. So they had that thing and I didn’t really like it. So for me guys, it was like, even if I had a third boy I’d be okay.”