A closer look at the beautiful Thuli Phongolo before the fame.

A closer look at the beautiful Thuli Phongolo before the fame.

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Fame and money can really change a person. It is amazing to see how many people especially famous people change after they become famous or already have money. We can hardly recognize them anymore. A man who has truly changed in fame is none other than Thuli Phongolo.

His pictures before fame resurfaced on social media and South Africa was amazed. He was still fat and his body had completely changed. He was very thin then.

Most of us first saw Thuli in the soapie Generations the Legacy where she took on the role of Namhla. She has also appeared in series like Makoti. Although she is still in the art industry. Thuli is more focused now on his deejaying career.
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Some believe he underwent surgery because of his transformation from the skin to lungs but how many artists can claim to have work on their bodies, very little. Most of them insist that they are all-natural though. we see that they are operating.


Money can’t buy happiness but it can sure get you a very different lifestyle and even a new better version of yourself. Ever heard the quote that you are not ugly you are just broken.Its true there is nobody who is a mall on this planet, they are broken just . Watch until that person gets the money and see how they radically change.
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