A fan asks Mpho and Themba about pregnancy

A fan asks Mpho and Themba about pregnancy

Mpho and Themba are still going strong and it is beautiful for the fans to watch. Since Gash1 was trending yesterday, Mpho quickly took it to social media to share her beautiful pictures with Themba. Did she do this to overshadow Gash1 because he was the trending number1?

Themba loves Mpho and the way he looks at her you can tell that he feels real love. Fans are saying that they need to get pregnant or else their relationship is not real. Fans love to play around with them.

Themba already has 2 children with another woman. Mpho has only one child. Will they manage to take care of 4 children if they decide to fall pregnant. I think they need get married first before they take everything to the next level. Their relationship is still new to have children together.

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