A Fan steals Robert Mpisi’s name on Facebook

A Fan steals Robert Mpisi’s name on Facebook

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Robert Mpisi is a South Africa actor best known for his most recent role that he played on Gomora, which is a Mzansi Magic drama series. His role on Gomora was of a high school dropout, turned into a gangster. His character name was London, and he was a trouble maker, who was into hijacking when he was finally killed off the show.

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He has now joined Etv’s Scandal as Zenzele, and his character is also faced with many challenges, most of which is what he created for himself. He is a mama’s boy on the show, and his mother defends him even when he is wrong.
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The roles he usually portrays are of younger characters than his actual age. He is 36 years old at the moment and has been in the industry for quite some time. He took to Twitter to show how a super fan has stolen from him. The fan-created a Facebook account with Robert’s name and picture, then inboxed Robert to tell him he has stolen his name because he is a big fan. Most people found this to be so hilarious, including some of the actors.
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