A former Generations actress has opened a case of rape .


A former Generations actress has opened a case of rape .

The former Show actress claims the advocate forced himself into her after he overpowered her in the bedroom. A former Generations actress has opened a case of rape against a Joburg-based advocate – 13 years after the alleged incident.

The well-known actress, who cannot be named for legal reasons, opened the case at the Rosebank police station in Joburg on

November 20 last year.

In a police statement seen by Sunday World, the actress details how she became a victim of the legal eagle.

She said she had asked the advocate, who also cannot be named, to pick her up from the SABC studios in Auckland Park and drop her off at home on May 5, 2006.

“On the way to home, she noticed that the advocate took the way to Rosebank,” reads the statement. She said they arrived in Forest Town suburb.the legendary thespian, who is in her late 40s, said the advocate got off and went into the house. He returned after a few minutes. He asked her to follow her back into the house because he wanted to show it to her.

“He started showing her the rooms until they end[ed] up in the bedroom. He started to touch her and she refused. He forced her and overpowered her. He undressed her pants and panty and penetrated her vag!na through [sic] his pen!s,” reads the statement.

The award-winning actress said the advocate then took her home after raping her.

After opening the case last year, the police investigated and referred the case to the National Prosecution Authority’s (NPA) South Gauteng office for a decision on whether to prosecute.

NPA spokeswoman Phindi Mjonondwane confirmed that the case had been referred to the authority, but declined to elaborate.

“The NPA will consult with the complainant next week

Friday to discuss the matter before making a comment in the media,” she said.

Gauteng provincial police spokesman Mavela Masondo confirmed that the actress had opened a case against the advocate and they have refferred it to the NPA for a decision.

The actress, who also acted in the SABC 2 show Muvhango, ignored our phone calls and messages sent to her phone. Attempts to solicit comments from the advocate also drew a blank.