A look at Letoya Makhene’s failed marriages

A look at Letoya Makhene’s failed marriages

‘Marriages marred with abuse, and cheating allegations’: A look at star actress Letoya Makhene’s failed marriages.

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Seasoned actress Letoya Makhene is making headlines against the backdrop of her fallout with Lebohang Pumulo Keswa.

Lebohang has since confirmed their fallout to the media. The two tied the knot in 2020.


However, against their fallout, The South African has since connected the dots about Letoya Makhene’s failed marriages.

Confirming her fallout with Letoya Makhene, Lebohang said, “In Letoya, I thought I had found a soul mate, and I was looking forward to growing old with her. As I always said to her, ‘You’re going to close my eyes when I die.’

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She added, “I guess, as they say, the show must go on! To my children and family, I apologise for the impact that this journey may have had on you. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

“To Letoya, her family, and last but not least, her children, I loved you all, and I’m sorry that things had to get to this point. I sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best with their journey going forward,” Lebohang told Sunday World.

However, this is not the first time the two have hogged headlines for the wrong reasons. Last year, the Lebohang accused Letoya Makhene of cheating and abuse. She made it known that she was cheated twice and was even beaten up.

However, Lebohang also confirmed a series of abuse incidents that happened over the years.


Against her fallout, The South African also connected the dots about her failed relationship with her Zimbabwean ex-boyfriend. She was once married to Privilege Mangezi for nine years.

Speaking to the media, Letoya Makhene said she was happily married until immigration woes took a toll on her husband. She made it known that everything changed when Privilege stopped working.

In one of her interviews, she made it known that he became abusive until she decided to walk away. “The abuse went on for a good few years because I was scared of him. I lost my confidence. I was at a stage in my life that even when I was talking to people, I couldn’t look them in the eye because I was so traumatised,” she explains.

However, a few years ago, Letoya Makhene ex-husband reportedly dragged her to the courts. Rumour mill has it that he was demanding access to their children, who he hadn’t seen in years.

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