A man on Twitter accuses Anele Tembe’s family of killing AKA

A man on Twitter accuses Anele Tempe’s family of killing AKA


A Twitter user caused a sensation when he claimed that his ex-family fiancé had ordered a hit on the musician, AKA, while South Africans were still reeling from the news of his murder.

The Twitter user @Mgijimi28 revealed shocking news. He stated that Anele Tempe’s relatives were to blame for AKA’s death. He says the Tembes wanted payback for the suffering he caused their daughter before her tragic death.

A tweet by user @Mgijimi28 suggests that Aka may have been murdered by members of the Tembe family. AKA asked out Anele, was the one to introduce her to narcotics, and subsequently she died in a suspicious building fall. Then, less than a year later, Aka is spotted with another lady, all as Anele’s loved ones continue their search for answers.

Involvement from Anele’s relatives can be traced back to Aka’s murder. Who the hell would intend to murder Aka? In contrast to the stereotype, Cassper is not that type of guy. What Anele’s dad wanted was revenge on his daughter, and he got it.

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