A new tour of Ayanda Ncwane’s dazzling Palace


A new tour of Ayanda Ncwane’s dazzling Palace

Ayanda Ncwane might be well known for being the wife of the late gospel artist S’fiso Ncwane, but that’s not all there is to her.
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She is also a model, a businesswoman, an actress, and a reality TV star and has appeared in a number of shows, including Generations, Mzansi, and The Real Housewives of Durban. She left the RHODurban show to focus on her businesses, namely Ncwane Communications and Ayanda Ncwane Women’s Carnival.

Aside from her hard work and charisma, Ayanda is also loved for her great sense of fashion and taste for luxury. Along with dressing classy and driving expensive cars, sis also lives in a stately home that is worth a full-page story.

Let’s take a look at Ayanda Ncwane’s house and discover why it’s a dream house.
Ayanda Ncwane’s house is located in the suburbs of Dainfern, Sandton, in northern Johannesburg, where other people of her status have homes.

She often shares photos of her beautiful home on social media, and in a word, we can say it’s exquisite. Here are all the cool features that are included in Ayanda Ncwane’s house.
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Cool features of Ayanda Ncwane’s house A view of Ayanda Ncwane’s house, credit: Instagram To begin with, the architectural design of Ayanda Ncwane’s house is absolutely stunning. The style exudes a palace vibe. It’s a story building painted in ivory cream colors and a maroon tiled roof. The house is also supported by giant pillars.
The palatial house sits on a large compound carpeted with green grass and filled with beautiful flowers and tall trees.
There is a swimming pool right in front of Ananda Ncwane’s house as well as a water fountain that can be seen behind her in this photo below.
A large living room with luxurious cream leather couches is visible through the large front glass doors. The site of the living room is even much better once you are inside.
Ayanda Ncwane’s living room, credit: Instagram

There are curved cream couches with multi-colored throw pillows and a round glass table in the middle. The floors are covered from end to end by a soft grey carpet, and there are a couple of low-hanging chandeliers that give the room class.
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Ayanda has not yet revealed how much was spent on her house, but we know it is worth millions from the looks of it.
How did Ayanda Ncwane afford to buy her house?
Ayanda Ncwane’s house is among the properties that she inherited from her late husband, Sfiso Ncwane. Sfiso left all his assets to Ayanda in his will.
Sfiso Ncwane was one of the most renowned gospel musicians in South Africa who passed on in 2016 following a heart attack; at the time of his death, he was only 37 years old.
Even though she inherited the house, Ayanda does a lot to keep the house in good shape; all the maintenance must cost a fortune- but that’s not a problem for her.

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