A number of AKA’s fans are praying for him in Durban

A number of AKA’s fans are praying for him in Durban

One of South Africa’s superstars AKA has been killed by hitmen in what seems to be a well-organized hit and nothing is said about this. The minister of police is nowhere to be seen in this case, as we know that he is someone who likes to address the media after such has happened. But in this stance, he has been quite and it is like even the minister does not exist. South Africa only heard the update from a policeman on the scene who looked incompetent and was talking like he does not even want to talk. But maybe there is something that people don’t know.

Outside the restaurant where AKA was brutally killed, a number of his fans have gathered for a prayer session, and they have even been playing some of his music. It is really hard for people to come in terms with what has happened, and one can only imagine how the family must be feeling at the moment. South Africa is a war zone and at that time the government does not seem to care at all.

Before AKA, there are many artists who have also suffered the same fate and nothing has happened. No one arrested and their death will be in vain. It looks like there are some people out there who have made themselves God as they decide who lives and who dies. On the other hands there are those people who are saying that AKA was banned from going to Kwa-Zulu Natal and he never listened and went there anyway. But the last time we checked South Africa was a free country but it looks like that is no longer the case. There are people who are banned from going to other provinces. The kind of South Africa we live in.

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