A pic of Amanda with JubJub in Jail raises questions

A pic of Amanda with JubJub in Jail raises questions


Macy’s podcast might be the sole breadwinner for him, but it seems one of the most ignorant and negative shows on our screens. This can be concluded after it has left so many celebrities in boiling water and fueled beef. This recently happened to JubJub.

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It was after the Moja love presenter went to the show as an guest and ended speaking of his exes, which obviously did not end good. He has found himself façing numerous legal actions after Amanda Du-pont, Masechaba and his cousin opened up about the abused they have previously endured from him.

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Amanda recently spoken up about their relationship on FM. And she said, JubJub abused him for quite a long time in their relationship, and things came to an end after he almost killed her. She narrated how she left him and never looked back. But however an old picture of the has resurfaced online.

The picture shows Amanda visiting JubJub in prison even though she said she left him and never reconsidered their relationship.