A pregnant woman wants revenge after Her Man Cheating With Her Friend

A pregnant woman wants revenge after Her Man Cheating With Her Friend


Moja Love Channel 157 has programs that mostly deal with people’s everyday lives, the most watched one is probably Uyajola 99 where Jub Jub and his crew are always tackling a cheating problem brought to their attention by a concerned partner who suspects that his/her partner is cheating, this time around they had Pana who was concerned about her boyfriend’s behavior.

Pana said her boyfriend has been neglecting her and has developed a lying habit, he hardly keeps their appointment and he no longer has time for her.

“My name is Pana from Bloemfontein, I wrote to Uyajola because I suspect that my man is cheating on me, he has been dodgy these days, he hardly keeps our appointments, he doesn’t have time for me anymore, he is full of lies and always comes with excuses, it started about two months ago, he hardly every comes to me, his phone is always off, I once caught him and he apologised,” she said.

Upon confrontation, Pana never had time to ask questions, all she wanted was to deal with her boyfriend and his woman, she gave him a couple of slaps and he was only saved by the show’s bouncers who stood between him and her.

As the confrontation continued, it turned out Tumelo was actually cheating on Pana with her friend whom she confides on, she was also not taking any rubbish, she was fighting back as Pana attacked her and even told her that she is cold in bed.

“What kind of a friend are you? I confide in you and you are know exactly that you are sleeping with my. I will deal with you, I am going to cut your manhood I swear,” she said.

At the end of the episode, the guy chose Pana’s friend and said he is dumping her because she is also cheating with these people she came with.

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