A wedding bell rings between Master KG And Makhadzi.

A wedding bell rings between Master KG And Makhadzi.

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Mzansi has been praising Makhadzi and Master KG after they shared a kiss during a recent performance that took place. Mzansi could not help but to noticed that this has put Babes Wodumo and Mampitsha’s cheating allegations aside as it’s now proves that there was no relationship between Mampintsha and Makhadzi.

After the allegations that recently brokes the media Master KG had his thoughts and feelings that its better to act now or rather he never at all. Makhadzi and Master KG Were one in a relationship bit they got separated an we never heard the reason behind their break up. Master KG is the man that brokes Makhadzi virginity and its very likely that Master KG would go back to Makhadzi because they both young and successful at the same time.

Makhadzi and Master KG put 5he rumours of Babes Wodumo and Mampitsha’s cheating scandal to rest where everyone were left off gut to see them kissing on a stage. It was also revealed that during the performance Master KG is also heard referring to Makhadzi as his ‘wife’ after their performance in the video.

Mzansi is wondering if he really mean his words that it’s his wife. Fans don’t to hear about him playing with Makhadzi like the first time he did. They want to hear about the lobola and wedding. Its so nice to be with our Queen on the stage giving him a hot kiss openly, she is hus wife to be Mr KG. We now waiting to hear when is the wedding King and Queen.

Since Master KG and Makhadzi are back on fire we wish them all the best may God Bless their marriage. The devil is a lier if he really loves her no cake before marriage once he taste it he will hit a run mark my words.

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