A woman got into Khanyi Mbau’s Mercedes and didn’t want to get out of it


A woman got into Khanyi Mbau’s Mercedes and didn’t want to get out of it

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A video of a man asking a woman to leave his Mercedes V class was trending on social media. There are many speculations as to why he was removing her from his car. In the video, He asks her to leave his car a few times and then proceeds to remove her by himself. He also can be heard asking ‘is this how you get money from guys’. The girl is apologizing and does not want to leave the vehicle.
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However Khanyi Mbau found herself trending because of that video. People have been saying that women praised Khanyi for leaving a man in Dubai. But now that a man is asking a woman to leave then people are blaming the man. This video has absolutely nothing to do with Khanyi but she trended anyway.
Njabulo went on to elaborate about what happened in his Mercedes V-class vehicle. “As soon as they entered the car, the one who was wearing white started opening bottles of our alcohol without even asking for it”. He also pointed out that she was very rude to his wife and to him as well. “The only reason why I did not swear back at her was out of respect for my wife.” They also suspected her of stealing Njabulo’s phone because there was a moment when they couldn’t find it. Njabulo claims that she hid in between her legs. The other girl(who was wearing the yellow dress) was quite the opposite of her friend, he explained. “She was quiet and did not act like she owned the car compared to her ‘arrogant’ friend. She even argued with her friend to stop what she was doing because “that is no way to treat people who have been so kind to us”.
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Tensions were high after they left a place called ‘Ethiopia’. When they got to this lounge, they saw that it was closed and decided to head home. The disrespect from this reached its peak when she called Njabulo’s V-class a cheap car. She also started demanding money for reasons that even Njabulo doesn’t know of. there is only term that can be given to such a woman, and that term is ‘GOLD DIGGER’. When she was asked to leave the car, she refused blatantly. Her friend tried to caution her, but it seems like this sparked an argument. When the lady refused to get out of the V-class, footage shows that Njabulo ‘manhandled’ her with the aim of getting her out.
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The circumstances around the video is not yet known. The guy came out to give his side of the story, but the girl is yet to tell her story. Things do not make sense from the guys story and the girl is remaining mum. We’re still waiting for her side of the story because there is always 2 sides to a story.
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