A young gay woman from Pietermaritzburg came to ask for help.

A young gay woman from Pietermaritzburg came to ask for help.

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Last week, if you’re an avid viewer of the show as most of us seem to be, a young gay man came to the show to ask for help. This week a young gay woman from Pietermaritzburg came onto the show to ask for the same thing. She was suspecting her partner of being unfaithful.

It was a fast-paced episode this time as they gave her a tablet right as she was explaining her suspicions and they were off to find the cheating woman. Her suspicions were correct. It’s become common sense, to me, to assume that the Uyajola 99 crew wouldn’t come all the way if your significant other was not cheating.

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It was heartbreaking to watch her dissolve into tears as she recounted how many times Ayanda had cheated on her in the past. She wasn’t exactly innocent and being drunk made her seem insincere to me. Like she knew the complainant would take her back regardless of what she found out.

The apologies didn’t seem genuine and even Jub Jub tried to soothe things over between them and making suggestions on how to fix this.

I will say this about the episode. I loved getting to see the Lesbian community on a TV show. We rarely ever get a glimpse of that in South African and representation matters. Maybe not this kind but maybe all visibility is good visibility if it gets people to start talking.

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I am starting to think that if a pandemic can’t make people faithful, nothing will. If the concept of monogamy is failing, polygamy adds no value to anyone’s life and polyandry is looked down upon. What is left? If we can’t have spouses keep their word and promise, what will it mean for relationships of the future?

It’s a little depressing to think Uyajola99 will never run out of content.