Abel is gonna continue cheating and Koketso has even accepted it clearly


Abel is gonna continue cheating and Koketso has even accepted it clearly


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We tolerate different things in relationships. Some people can tolerate cheating but not physical abuse while others will tolerate physical and emotional abuse as long as they are financially taken care of. The point? We don’t have the same deal breakers and what we tolerate might raise brows to people outside of the relationship because they are not blinded by the love that blinds us.

On last night’s tying episode of Mina Nawe House, we got to see the housemates with their friends and family, getting a different angle about them.

Koketso met with her friends and she kept talking about how women want to date Abel because of “what he can give them” and that she’s told herself that if anyone tries to take him away from her, she gives them “a probation to see if they can last with him”. Her friends reminisced about how they drew lines of interfering after she reminded them that they can’t give her what he does. So, even when they can see she’s being ridiculous, they keep quiet and keep it moving.

I think it was cringe-worthy hearing her talk about how Abel should one day decide that HE wants to marry her; without nagging and pressure from her. So? So she’ll wait patiently until he does.
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Abel doesn’t really look like he’s changed his gallivanting and scavenging for women but he appeased Koketso’s family.
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Viewers were disappointed to see that she stayed with him and made as if women are in a lineup trying to get with him when he’s the one who chases after them.

It would have been liberating to see her leave him and choose herself but like she said, we can’t give her what Abel does.


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