Here are some things you didn’t know about Kealeboga Masango:

Here are some things you didn’t know about Kealeboga Masango:

Kealeboga Masango (brought into the world in 2003) is an entertainer in South Africa. She drew the consideration of numerous for assuming the part of Zinhle Ngobese in Mood City on Mzansi Wizardry.

She tracked down adoration according to numerous audience members in the country with her job.

While numerous watchers address her by her personality name Zinhle Ngobese, her genuine name is Kealeboga Masango.

The exquisite and wonderful entertainer has caught the psyche of Musicality city sweethearts with both her personality and genuine character.


Her date of birth is 2003, and the youthful excellence and capable entertainer, Kealeboga Masango, is 17 years of age. She hails from Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Online Presence

On Instagram, clients made fan pages for Kealeboga like @masangokealeboga and @kealebogamasango7. There they share photos of her and her daily existence.

She is yet to deal with an Instagram account since she is as yet a minor.

A model and entertainer in the country, Nompilo Gwala, shared a video containing her and Kealeboga behind the scene at the Studio.

In the video, Kealeboga attempted to make sense of for fans and adherents why she is yet to have a record on the photograph-sharing application.

Kealeboga said that she is yet to claim a record on Instagram and is not an enemy of society.

However numerous youthful big names in South Africa own an Instagram account including, Kairo Forbes and Retha RSA, Kealeboga likes to hold on until she gets to the legitimate age.

Kealeboga Masango assumes the part of Zinhle Ngobese in Musicality City. The well-known Mzansi show is circulated on Non-weekend days at 19:00 on

She caused disturbances via virtual entertainment as clients appreciated her excellence and acting abilities. The person, Zinhle, is a spoilt rascal who maintains that individuals should follow her example in doing everything.

She is a winding offspring of Plaza, her dad, and ran wild after losing her sibling Theo.

Zinhle ingested medications and attempted to end her life after the sensation of misery and sadness.

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