Acacia called acrimony after desperate BU and Venus.


Acacia called acrimony after desperate BU and Venus.

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Acacia doesn’t take anything laying down. When she wants something, she wants it to want her back or all hell breaks loose. Testament to this is BU. She confessed to being into him but he reminded her that she was there for the R2 million and should focus on the game. That was just a ‘kind’ way of telling her that he’s not interested.
Unfortunately for BU, Acacia didn’t kindly to the fact that not only did he reject her, but he has also moved to crush on Venus.
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Instead of taking the rejection gracefully, she confronted Venus and went on a rant about how she (Venus) always knew that she had a crush on BU. But the truth is, Venus is not accountable for BU’s feelings. It’s not her fault that BU led Acacia on last week, and moved on to her this week.

If there’s someone to point fingers at, it’s BU because clearly, he toyed with Acacia. To act as if Venus owes her anything is just silly and selfish. Everyone is looking out for their own interest and if BU who has the power to either date or reject her, chose the latter, why is Venus being dragged into the chat?

Rejection hurts but there’s nothing she can do. She must respect herself and move on. Acting like BU asked her to crush on him is wrong. Things didn’t go as she planned but she can’t stand in the way of a blossoming ship between BU and Venus when their feelings towards each other are reciprocal.

Thoughts? Is there anything Acacia do to guilt trip Venus into rejecting BU to spare her emotions?
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