Actor Cedric Fourie (Lehasa) on how Skeem Saam has done wonders in his life


Actor Cedric Fourie (Lehasa) on how Skeem Saam has done wonders in his life

Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie has significantly shaped his career through his role as Lehasa. This has helped him gain widespread recognition. The 35-year-old from Orlando West, Soweto expressed how his role has opened doors across different platforms.

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“It helped me venture into many other community projects which are dedicated to the uplifting of communities, especially for the less fortunate,” he shared.


Cedric has also used his experience on the show academically, using the production company as a case study for his postgraduate qualification.

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He appreciates the flexibility the production offers, allowing him to balance his family responsibilities effectively.

“The production understands that family takes precedence in the hierarchy of priorities,” he said.

This year, Cedric is set to embark on his MBA journey, facilitated by the production’s accommodation of his busy schedule.

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He expressed gratitude for the positive feedback from viewers and fans, saying: “I get told all the time that people watch the show because of my character.

“Although I don’t fully believe it, I still enjoy hearing it. Who doesn’t like positive feedback, right?”

Despite the challenges, Cedric described the film and television industry as bittersweet.

“It’s a very cold industry and can be very toxic. However, if you are adaptable and smart, you can milk it as much as possible and fast track your success,” he said.

His drive is fuelled by his role as a father and a storyteller.

“Remembering that I have an amazing son who looks up to me and needs to be guided also fuels this drive. Taking care of my loved ones is an added boost.

“Most importantly, it’s the fact that I get to tell stories for the viewers that entertain, inform, and educate. People’s lives are changed through storytelling, and I’m astonishingly amazed to be part of such artistry,” he said.

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