Actor Clint Brink is battling a life-threatening skin condition

Actor Clint Brink is battling a life-threatening skin condition

Times are tough for former Scandal! and Generations actor, Clint Brink, who has been diagnosed with a rare skin disease.
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The actor recalls having very itchy skin and assuming it was just an allergic reaction, but when it would not stop, he decided to do something about it which was when the doctors diagnosed him with Psoriasis – this is a rare skin condition that attacks the cells and leaves the skin dry, scaly and with patches. If it is not treated, it can be deadly.

Speaking to Daily Sun about his health struggle, he said: “It started in the arm as a minor itch. I thought I was allergic to something and didn’t pay much attention to it. But it got worse, became terribly itchy and started to look like blisters.”

As a result of this diagnosis, the award-winning actor wanted to assure his fans that he is doing okay and he will conquer the illness
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“I want to assure people I’m not dying and I feel better. I’m assuring them because we’ve been dealing with so many RIPs lately,” he was quoted as saying.

To treat his skin condition, Clint has started undergoing oxygen therapy, which is normally needed to treat the disease.

“I’m still trying to treat this condition. I’m currently doing oxygen therapy and it is helpful,” he explained.

A lot of our celebrities are currently going through the most, especially physically. This week, rapper and presenter Jub Jub, in a lengthy video, opened up to his fans about contracring COVID-19. An emotional Jub Jub explained to his fans that talking about the situation was very hard and being in it was worse. He told them that he did not want for them to know about this or to see me in that condition. He also explained how devastating it was for everybody who was close to me at that time.

“In 2020, November, I was in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha). I was shooting You Promised To Marry Me. I had the most devastating experience of my life, I never thought I would go through that. So in 2020 I got f*cked up by Covid-19. And you guys saw me and after that started wondering ukuthi why have I lost so much weight.”

Explaining his symptoms he said: “When I got medication, I felt dizzy, like my body was like heating up. And this was before Delta.” Jub jub also added that he was struggling to breathe, but had to maintain his posture for his team’s sake because they would have panicked.

“The fact of the matter is I never thought ukuthi izong’bamba [that I would get infected] but in my job that I’m supposed to make South African happy in, I got it. And when I got it I was shut down for a good two weeks. With me being shut down for two weeks, I was going through HELL! I was going through hell and it wasn’t the best of times at all,” he said on his Instagram Live.
The Uyajola 9/9 presenter also urged fans to stay at home and stick to lockdown regulations. He also told his friends that he will not be availing himself for any braais or get-togethers because he does not want to go down that painful road again.”