Actor Joe Kazadi reaches the end with Scandal

Actor Joe Kazadi reaches the end with Scandal

Actor Joe Kazadi reaches the end with Scandal

Seasoned TV actor and model Joe Kazadi is one of Mzansi’s most admired actors. The actor has been in the industry for more than a decade and he continues to remain relevant.

Joe dabbles between acting and modeling and he’s also an entrepreneur. Known for his strong acting skills on TV and his well-toned body, Joe constantly captivates viewers on the small screens.

The actor has starred in numerous TV productions including Generations, Uzalo, and The Queen and he joined Scandal in 2021. When he joined the production fans were excited as they knew he was going to shake things up, but sadly he has left MTV’s long-standing soapie.
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The TV heartthrob who played the character of Mukuna Ngadu and his followers are raving about how well he played the character.

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Joe’s last scene was last night and he made sure to continue pulling his A-game. His acting was top-tier and many fans did not see his exit coming. Taking to his Instagram account, he announced that he has bowed out.

“I received the news of playing MUKUNA in November 2021 and immediately I canceled my holiday plans and focused on reading scripts. It was easy when we resumed work cz I knew most of my lines and all I had to do was make them my own than getting in character, “he wrote.

The actor was recently gutted by the tragic passing of his brother Chris, who was the founder of Click Media SA. In an emotional Instagram post, Kazadi said his brother was brutally murdered back at home in Congo.
Actor Joe Kazadi reaches the end with Scandal
“My blood first of all as your Big bro I am so proud of you Kazadi wa mawu, you did the impossible in a country that is not our own. From the south where we saw some of the hardest struggles as foreign kids, you rose up like it was home. Kazadi what will be my career without you, my bro! A few days ago we were supposed to go out for a drink and plan our new venture and when I couldn’t make it, wow you were so disappointed but now I understand Chris.”

It broke his heart that he was killed back at home where he should’ve been safe. “Now I am at the back of a car crying on my way to go comfort Mom. I am so sorry my G I am sorry that our own killed you at home where you were supposed to be safe. I am sorry that we weren’t there to protect you.”

In a statement released via his company’s Instagram account, they said the “circumstances surrounding his passing are devastatingly heartbreaking and are under investigation.

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