Actor Kay Sibiya responds to rape allegations

Actor Kay Sibiya responds to rape allegations

Imbewu: The Seed actor Kay Sibiya has been making headlines for the wrong reasons lately. He was accused of raping former radio personality, Zukiswa ‘Zookey Zarling’ Vutela. Zoookey took it to her Facebook timeline to spill the tea, and her post set tounges wagging on social media. However, Kay Sibiya responded to the rape allegations and revealed that he is not a rapist and does not wish to become one.

Kay Sibiya shared on his Instagram timeline that he never rapped Zookey, and the rumours are destroying his family. The actor pointed out that Zookey’s allegations are false and are set to destroy his booming career.

Check out the official statement that Kay Sibiya released.

Kay Sibiya also admitted that Zookey Zarling is the mother of his firstborn child, but he never rapped her. He accused his former lover and mother of her daughter of defamation of his character, and he hopes to settle their dispute in court.

Serious accusations of rape and alsult has been made by the mother of my first born child. Her blog post was false statement. I never dined being the father of my own daughter. We welcomed my daughter into aour blended family in 2019 when she lived with us because her mother could not take care of her.

Imbewu, The Seed actor, also stated that he was shocked that his baby mama was spreading false rape allegations against him. Kay Sibiya also reminded his fans and followers that he advocates for Gender-Based Violence and would not practise it.

In a country where GBV is so prevalent, with women being rapped and murdered on a daily basis. I found the allegations levelled against me to be highly responsible, with the intent to cause unjustified harm to an innocent person, for someone who has always advocated for women’s rights and the rights of all people.

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