Actor Kini Shandu makes a return after being ‘cancelled’ on social media

Actor Kini Shandu makes a return after being ‘cancelled’ on social media

Some say social media can make or break you, Kininonke ‘Kini’ Shandu experienced this firsthand when he received a backlash and lost sponsorships over a Facebook post about single mothers.

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Kini has recently come out to Zimoja to say he is now careful of the things he posts or comments on social media. This follows his Facebook post that has since been deleted, where he said women who have children out of wedlock bring shame to their families and that no man in their right mind will marry them.

He went on to say should those mothers get married, they should leave their kids at home. This post prompted social media users like Ladies House and the ANC Women’s League to cancel him after making comments that were labelled sexist, derogatory and misogynist.

He came under fire after making the remarks and lost sponsorships from BMW and Ocean Mall in Umhlanga.

The former Daily Thetha presenter issued a statement at the time and apologised for his utterances. In the statement he said he had made the statement jokingly but acknowledged that the comments were distasteful and reflected poor judgement on his part.

“To all women and anyone offended by my remarks I extended my heartfelt apology. I understand the gravity of the impact my words can have and I take full responsibility for the distress my words may have caused,” said Kini in his apology statement then.

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Umkhokha actor recently told the publication that he has learnt his lessons for being outspoken after he was almost cancelled for his views. He said he is now active on social media but wary of things he says or comments on especially in a public platform.

“I respect social media platforms- social media can easily make and break anyone. We need to respect other people’s views when we post on social media. People should not cancel me if we disagree. Put your opinion and I’ll put my opinion too,” he said.

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