Actor Siv Ngesi again found himself under fire .

Actor Siv Ngesi again found himself under fire .

Media personality Siv Ngesi recently found himself under attack again.
Actor Siv Ngesi

This after the comedian, who’s been accused of being a fake LGBTQI ally, tweeted about gold digging.

“The normalisation of gold digging in Jozi always blows my mind. Now watch ladies justify it in these mentions,” he said.

Shortly then , he was attacked by women on social media, who said he claimed to be supportive of their causes but at an equivalent time denounced them.

“You contradict yourself such a lot . You claim to be for ladies but within the same breath you denounce them. Just don’t claim to be for people if you’re not. You’re boring,” Andile tweeted.

Then Asief said: “It’s bizarre how this guy can even pretend to be a queer ally when he adopts misogynistic language so easily. It’s not baffling.

“Siv thinks being an ally means adopting behaviour from an oppressed group to secure my very own bank balance.”
Bassie said: “Siv is such a repugnant person. Just once you think you can’t f***** stand him, it’s as if he thinks to himself, ‘how am i able to make it worse?’”
Asemahle then called him a loser.

“La Siv ngomnye oyi bunch of losers. Like he’s all of the losers you’ll consider put into one disgusting loser person.”

This wasn’t the primary time Siv found himself under attack .

He was recently accused of being a fake queer ally when he said nothing regarding the killings of individuals within the queer community.

But Siv said he wouldn’t be bullied, and would instead still stand strong as an ally.

“This may be a very unfortunate situation. I even have no right to attack or defend people who’re communicating from their experiences, and that i haven’t any right to attack or defend myself either.

“It’s difficult to mention I’m an ally and explain the work I’m doing. I don’t think that’s how it should work. I respect people’s opinions, but I won’t stop fighting and doing drag.”

-Daily Sun