Actress and singer Denise Zimba are happy to be settled in Germany

Actress and singer Denise Zimba are happy to be settled in Germany

Actress and singer Denise Zimba is living her best life overseas. The former Generations star tweeted that she is settling in well in Germany.

Sharing a picture of her and her baby girl on vacation, Denise wrote: “Finally settled well in Germany. Papa still doesn’t understand what’s so funny …#fakelaugh #crazysexycool.”

Denise also shared a video of her departure, she said she is on her way to get an extended summertime.
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“Off to get an extended summertime and a break from our unfortunate load shedding!” she tweeted.

Another one of our favorite celebrities who’s settling in well overseas is TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba.

The star has been sharing cute snaps of herself on her Insta stories having the best time in New York City.

Bonang confirmed she has relocated to New York last month when responding to a tweep with a now-deleted tweet that simply read: “I have relocated…check my stories!”

Earlier last month, Bonang shared a letter of demand on Twitter for YouTuber Rea Gopane who publicly alleged that Bonang introduced her ex-boyfriend AKA to drugs.

The letter states that the allegations were defamatory and intended to humiliate Bonang.

It read: “On Sunday 9 May 2021, you falsely and unlawfully accused Bonang Matheba in a widely published video clip of, inter alia, having introduced AKA (Kiernan Jarryd Forbes) to cocaine. In the context of what was being discussed in the video clip, this defamatory allegation was exacerbated by the shocking insinuation that the death of AKA’s girlfriend Anele (Nellie) Tembe was due to AKA’s alleged use of cocaine.
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“The allegations were defamatory, hurtful, and were deliberately intended to humiliate my client and undermine her reputation. The allegations are also, to your knowledge false. Your false utterances are compounded by the fact that at the time of making them on a public platform, you knew full well that these utterances would be widely viewed given my client’s high public profile.”

The letter also demanded that Rea pay half a million and do an apology and publish it on his video platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

To this end, I am instructed to demand from you, payment of the sum of R500 000 within 10 days. Should this sum not be paid within the time prescribed, I have instructions to issue summons without further notice to you.”

Rea eventually tweeted an apology that read: “I would like to express my sincere apology for everything I said on our podcast dated (9 May 2021). I would like to unequivocally retract my statements and apologize to all the parties concerned namely Ms. Bonang Matheba, Mr. Kiernan Forbes, and Mr. Siyabonga Ngwekazi. I know and understand that the podcast could cause harm, and I am deeply regretful for my mistake,” wrote Gopane on Instagram.”


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