Actress Connie Chiume enjoyed her different characters in Gomora

Actress Connie Chiume enjoyed her different characters in Gomora

In April, it was announced that the popular drama series Gomora would be coming to an end, leading to the departure of several cast members, including the talented actress Connie Chiume, known for her role as Sonto. Recently, a heartfelt farewell was bid to Connie as she concluded her time on the show.

In a touching clip shared by director Thabang Moleya, Connie Chiume was visibly emotional as she expressed her gratitude for the cast and crew of Gomora, whom she considered to be like a close-knit family. Having spent four years together, she emphasized the strong bonds, understanding, and camaraderie they had developed. Connie also praised the professionalism of her colleagues, both actors and crew members, who worked diligently to bring the written stories to life, a factor that contributed to Gomora’s continued success and high ratings throughout its run.

Connie Chiume thoroughly enjoyed portraying the character of Sonto, which offered her the opportunity to explore a role that was different from her previous experiences. As an actress, she believes that storytelling and character portrayal are at the core of her craft, and she took great pleasure in bringing Sonto to life on screen.

While Gomora is set to air its final episode on October 20, Connie Chiume’s career has been marked by a series of prestigious awards and recognition. In 2022 alone, she received lifetime achievement awards from the Royalty Soapie Awards, GQ Men of the Year Awards, Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards, and the South African Film and Television Awards. Connie humbly acknowledges these accolades but remains steadfast in her love for acting, which originated from a deep passion rather than the pursuit of awards.

Reflecting on her journey from her hometown of Welkom in the Free State to becoming an internationally renowned actress, Connie expresses her gratitude and amazement. As a child, she dreamt of going overseas and never imagined she would star in a Hollywood blockbuster like Black Panther. She attributes her success to a combination of personal determination, hard work, and the power of attraction, believing that when one speaks their dreams into existence and works diligently towards them, they can be achieved.

The legendary actress is now embarking on a new chapter in her career. She revealed her upcoming trip to New Orleans, where she plans to network and collaborate with creatives in the United States. Connie aims to showcase South African talent and establish meaningful relationships for future collaborative projects and intercultural endeavors through her Connie Chiume Foundation’s “Essence of South Africa” cultural exchange program.

As Connie Chiume continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, her inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of dreams.

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