Actress Lerato Mvelase and Thuso Mbedu ask SA men to stop GBV


Actress Lerato Mvelase and Thuso Mbedu ask SA men to stop GBV

Actresses Thuso Mbedu and Lerato Mvelase are the newest celebs to hitch forces with many South African women, calling for an end to gender-based violence.
Actress Lerato Mvelase and Thuso Mbedu
Taking to her Instagram account, Thuso was in disbelief at the shooting of a lady at a police headquarters. TimesLIVE reported that the Eastern Cape woman walked into the police headquarters to open a case against her husband who then walked in with a gun and shot her dead.

Thuso struggled to carry back the tears as she tried to plead with men to prevent killing women.

“I’m not a poet. I’m not a musician and that I am not a fine artist so I cannot draw my pain. I cannot sing my sorrows and that I cannot find the right words to best articulate the fear and therefore the state of mind of the everyday woman in SA immediately.

“All I can do is urge the powers that be, which will actually make a difference to try to something,” Thuso said.

Watch her emotional video below:

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Lerato also took to her Instagram to record a video asking men to prevent GBV.

The actress felt compelled to remind Mzansi’s men and ladies of the time once they wont to practise ubuntu.

“I remember a SA where many men and ladies had one vision of ubuntu, which encapsulates compassion, empathy and respect. Not this SA that i can not recognize where my people are waging war on one another . Where many men are habituating women to living in fear because they have to prove their manhood,” she said.
Actress Lerato Mvelase and Thuso Mbedu
Lerato said men continually refused to require responsibility for his or her lives and rather than handling their issues, they remove their frustrations on women and youngsters, killing and raping them without remorse.

The actress said things needed to vary immediately.

“All of that must stop because all of those iniquities are having an adverse effect on the expansion and development of this country and therefore the way forward for this country, which is women. we’d like policies that employment, we’d like the police to guard us and that we need our good men to not only speak but protect us, because we, women are in danger!”

Watch the complete video below:

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