Actress Letoya Makhene’s father congratulates his daughter for marrying another woman

Actress Letoya Makhene’s father congratulates his daughter for marrying another woman

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Amazing craftsman Blondie Makhene said he was cheerful and pleased that her girl is hitched to a lady since men are rubbish.

Entertainer Letoya Makhene has gotten married to her darling money manager Lebohang Pulumo on Tuesday (22 December).

The conventional wedding occurred directly in the core of Soweto in Moletsane Sports Complex.

The stylistic layout had a bit of gold and white with customary beadwork just as a white cake with pink roses as an afterthought.

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Letoya Makhene

The couple additionally strolled in wearing white with a bit of blue in their conventional outfits.

Makhene said the two families had a concentrated service before in the day as a feature of building relations and to acquaint Lebo with their progenitors.

He said Lebo’s family brought such a huge amount of regard to their family in spite of their various foundations of Christianity and Sangoma.

“I’m glad that my girl is hitched to a lady,” said Makhene.

He said “you two do right by me, totally glad. These two ladies have chosen to be the change-producers. I can rest now since my little girl chose to take a lady.

Letoya Makhene and Blondiehhh

“Folks don’t complain, men are not refuse however men are waste. In the event that you take a gander at the most recent 100 years and see what men have done – war, slaughter, executing, sicknesses, and men did this. I’m not saying there’s no man like Mkhulu daddy here,” said Blondie with a grin as he alluded to himself.

He further expressed gratitude toward men who are taking acceptable consideration of ladies.

Letoya Makhene and Blondie

Letoya said she was modest too much since she drew near to marriage in her past connections yet it never worked out in view of her calling.

She stated: “I’m lowered to discover this lady who’s fearless enough to comprehend my profound mind-sets, highs and lows. She has taken all that I accompany.

She has regarded my being,” said Letoya.

Lebo said the cycle wasn’t simple however they came out as greater individuals and more educated.

She said:” “I have met somebody that I love valiantly and easily. I’m not great however she has acknowledged me.

“Individuals may censure us and judge, a similar way they generally made a decision about us yet we are least irritated by what society consistently says to us.”

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