Actress Linda Mtoba describes our culture as corrupt.

Actress Linda Mtoba describes our culture as corrupt.


The River star Linda Mtoba took to Twitter to share her grievances about fraudulent SA politicians.

The star, who often speaks out against injustice, aired her frustrations on how corruption has been normalized in SA to the point that there is little to no change.

She started off her rant about the greedy nature of some fellow South Africans.
“Ever randomly think of corruption and get upset. Like wtf, why so greedy?” said Linda.

She then went on to lament how corrupt actions have no consequences.

“The most infuriating thing about corruption is that who do you tell? Who do you report it to that isn’t corrupt themselves? And even after reporting. What’s gonna happen? What are the consequences?! Nothing” tweeted Linda.

The star went on to joke about the newly-arrived first batch of coronavirus vaccines as if corruption just lives for the opportunity to strike!

Many shared Linda’s anger and frustration with unscrupulous political activity in Mzansi. Here are some of the responses from fans: