Actress Nokuthula Mavuso calling it like it is on Twitter


Actress Nokuthula Mavuso calling it like it is on Twitter

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Actress Nokuthula Mavuso is not the one to bite her tongue against what does not sit with her. The former Rhythm City and Abomama actress are using her social media to voice her grievances. Recently the actress took it to Twitter to slam deadbeat fathers. Mavuso blames society for how it has normalized deadbeat dads.

Tweeps went up the roof and couldn’t hold their thumbs from tweeting while inserting their two cents. One tweep went to blame the mothers for not making wise choices and decisions with whom they decide to father their children.

Mavuso seems to be the one who shy away from a good fight. As she is always have a solid point of view from what she writes and vent about on social media. She appears not to be phased by responses for as long as she managed to get her point across. Yesterday she took it to Twitter soon after the passing of fellow actress, TV and radio personality Kuli Roberts. Roberts passed on yesterday and she collapsed on set which led to her demise. Mzansi is mourning the untimely passing of the queen of humor.

Surrounding Roberts death and how the news first broke on social media. Mavuso referenced a moment when one of her friends passed on. She highlighted how her and other friends gathered and went to the friend’s house who had passed to report the news, before splashing it on social media. Subliminally, Mavuso was slamming the culture of how social media has become a place that doesn’t offer privacy and respect to other peoples lives

Mavuso highlighted how disheartening is was to lose someone closest to your heart and finding about the passing on social media was just heartbreaking.

In her train of tweets when Mavuso voices her grievances and insert her opinions, she went to speak about how parents should normalize apologizing to children. It is always overlooked for parents to apologize, especially when they have either wronged their children or for any other reason therefore.

Tweeps were in agreement with Mavuso and applauded for raising such a valuable point that is always overlooked, because children are always considered as people who doesn’t take notice to things around them

If this award winning actress is not on the TV screens, she is on Twitter raising issues many people are afraid to speak on.

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