Actress Samkelo Ndlovu Going Through A Financial Crisis

Actress Samkelo Ndlovu Going Through A Financial Crisis

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People have a tendency to believe that the people we see on our televisions have it all figured out. When we see photographs of people on social media, we tend to believe that they are living the life that we all desire. It’s all about glitz and glam and living the ultimate life.

Not everything you see is great; there are individuals who are battling out there. Samkelo Ndlovu, a former Rhythm City actress, and performer, is now being accused of owing someone money. The DJ used Twitter to call out the actress for failing to pay him R12000.

He shared screenshots of whatsapp talks between the two of them. She keeps promising to pay him during the chat, then ducks and dives away from the issue. She then makes excuses about being on set and then says she’s in the studio. She then informs him she hasn’t worked since the lockdown. Her stories don’t add up, proving she’s lying.

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She also runs a non-profit organization that aids the less fortunate. The foundation was only recently established, and now some are concerned about whether the funds will be distributed to those in need.