Actress Sthandwa Nzuza bought a bag for 16,000 Rand.

Actress Sthandwa Nzuza bought a bag for 16,000 Rand.

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When somebody buys a bag that costs someone else’s salary, you will understand that in life we are never equal. Some people are wealthy, some are poor and some can just afford only the basics. You will live your life in peace if you know your class.

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Sthandwa Nzuza is a South African actress and radio personality. She has worked with different radio stations including Ukhozi fm and Imbokodo. On television she played the role of Innocentia, Nkunzi’s wife on Uzalo. She currently portrays Dr Zandile Mkhize on etv telenovela Durban Gen.


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She took to Facebook with a picture of herself, wearing a very beautiful dress and on the side there was a handbag. Another Facebook user noticed the bag and asked the price. Nzuza told the person that the bag costed R16 000. To those who know nothing about Louis Vuitton bags it sounded like she was bragging but that’s exactly what it costs if it’s original.