Actress Zola Nombona is grateful to have survived COVID-19

Actress Zola Nombona is grateful to have survived COVID-19

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Durban- Former Generation’s actress, Zola Nombona has had a difficult year of 2021 and at some point she thought that she won’t make it.

This was when the actress had contracted the Covid 19 virus just after she gave birth as she was hospitalized. She was battling for her life and only praying to recover so that she can be with her child and the baby daddy, who is also an actor.

By God’s grace, the actress survived and was discharged to be with her family.

Looking back, she expressed how grateful she is at the gift of love she has with her baby daddy.

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Taking to Instagram, the actress posted some message showing her gratitude.

The Generations The Legacy actress shared her gratitude for the love she receives from her partner, Thomas Gumede.

Nombona who has a child with actor and director as well, said she prayed for a warm home with a loving family.

Truth be told, this celebrity couple looks so perfect with each other. They are such a cute couple to reckon and you can tell that indeed love lives here.

Another strength is that the couple are in the same industry which makes their love so strong.
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Thomas Gumede was very supportive towards Zola when she was hospitalized and he was also taking care of their child.

If you follow the couple on social media, you can observe that they are not shy to shower each other with long captions on the social media streets and their fellow industry mates.

Indeed we love to see that fire of love burning between them.

Wedding bells must start ringing.

This was Zola’s caption on her Instagram post:

“Having my son and the LOML come say good night and shower me with kisses because they still had a cartoon date really reminded me how I’m living the prayers I prayed. I prayed for a warm home with a loving family and God pulled through for me. I’m grateful”