After a big clash, Vicky Vee apologizes to Cindy Mahlangu.

After a big clash, Vicky Vee apologizes to Cindy Mahlangu.

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Vicky Vee Jonas has issued an apology to Cindy Mhalngu following her now-deleted tweet claiming that the actress was with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. A screenshot of the tweet was published by the pop corn roomrsa.

It reads, “I see a lot of sh…t happening but I choose to keep quiet. Not Cindy Thando flying out by someone who is about to be my ex nig*a!” (sic).”

In her apology, Vicky said that she was aggrieved by the turn of events and would like to retract her tweet. “I would like to unreservedly and unequivocally apologize to Cindy Thando for my tweet published on the 5th of March 2021, I was aggrieved by the turn of events then went to publish without applying myself. Thus, I retract my tweet.”

Jonas also stressed the importance of supporting one another as black women. “As young black women, we should be celebrating each other and working together to support one another. I realize that my tweet did the opposite of that, which is why I’ve personally apologized to Cindy herself and would like to apologize to you all, my followers, for my disappointing actions.
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”Responding to the apology, Cindy Mahlangu shared the letter of demand her lawyers sent Vicky, requesting that she retracts the tweet and issues an apology. She also shared a screenshot of the apology Vicky sent in her DM’s. It reads as follows:

“Hey Cindy, I would like to sincerely apologize to you for publicly slandering your name with allegations I knew nothing about. As a God-fearing, young, black woman I would like to say to you I made a mistake based on information used to hurt me. I released those frustrations out on you, an incorrect party, and I felt I had to come as humbly as I know how to now correct my wrong, and I apologize. With the hopes to put this incident in the past for us both, I would like to also issue a public apology to you.”