After a full year away from the screen, The Queen Is Back Again!


After a full year away from the screen, “Dawn Thandeka King” The Queen Is Back Again!

The Queen Is Back Again!
The Queen Is Back Again!

After a short hiatus due to health reasons, the queen of acting if back to doing what she loves the most- ACTING! The star was down from the limelight to nanny her injured knee, but effects are looking positive for her.
The Diepcity star returned to set after being down for close to a time. She formerly revealed that she was down from the limelight and immobile for months.

“ This, I’ve missed, what a trip, Thank you, God. for another occasion to do what I love, the only thing that heals me. I’m indeed back on my bases again, thank you God and my ancestors. Thank you to everyone that supported me during this trip.”

She had preliminarily released a videotape addressing her knee injury to her suckers and stated that she isn’t pregnant, as some people suspected that she was.
“On the 16th of April 2021 while doing commodity that I love doing further than anything differently in the world, a terrible accident happed,”she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s been such a delicate month formerly and we’re only on day4/5 … In April I injured my knee on set so that month that I had to go for surgery, I’ve been immobile for three months.

“ After the physio, that’s why you guys could see filmland of me just in one place. I did n’t want anyone to know that I was injured because I demanded to heal on my own. It was a tiring period, emotionally I was tired, I was depressed because I could n’t do anything.”
“ But it has also been a good 4 months in that, I’ve just been sitting in my bedroom I ca n’t move. There was a time when indeed going to the restroom was a charge, indeed taking a shower was a charge. I demanded to be taken to have a shower and the restroom. That was the most tiring period, the most saddening period of my life.

“ So I decided that I was going to keep it to myself, I was going to allow myself time to heal because being immobile when you’re the person that I used to moving around and being hands-on is veritably frustrating,” she said.
She also addressed the gestation claims, “ That’s another thing that I want to set straight, I’m not pregnant, I wish I were, I just have a knee injury and I’ve been trying to communicate this to people.”

Dawn’s internal health took quiet a knock so she also advised her suckers consequently when it came to internal health.
“ I’m emotionally tired and it Is okay for me to say that. I suppose if I say I’m emotionally tired it’ll encourage someone out there who Is emotionally tired and drained to say they’re emotionally tired and drained,
“ I suppose you guys suppose that because we’re in the spotlight we work on TV it’s just a job. It’s a job that comes with a lot of demands, when we finish firing, we still need to come home and be mothers, mates, daughters, and sisters and occasionally hear to the problems of other people when we’re tired. But what happens when we’re tired emotionally and psychologically?” she said.


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