After Zola7 shared a photo with Musa Mseleku. Mzansi noticed this

After Zola7 shared a photo with Musa Mseleku. Mzansi noticed this

Viewers were content after watching Zola7 with businessman and relationship guru Musa Mseleku. Zola7 has been using his social media sites as of late to share images of him and Musa Mseleku. His online community came out in force to wish him well and express their support. Though he has been warned by others not to steal his notes.

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Bonginkosi Dlamini, better known by his online alias Zola7, confirmed that he was eavesdropping on the businesses. People are aware that Musa Mseleku is a wealthy businessman who has been married four times. People have warned Musa Mseleku, too, that he shouldn’t get involved in multiple marriages.

People may be impressed by Musa Mseleku’s success as a businessman and polygamist, but they may not share his ambition. Users on social media have warned Zola7 not to make the same mistake their TV idol #Uthandonesthembu made by asking his wives to have a lover on camera. In light of reports that Musa Mseleku’s wives have been reminded of their husband’s cries of longing for a lover, he has taken this action.

Mzansi has taken notice of Zola7’s gorgeous new look. Viewers of his timeline have been very kind about his recent weight gain and improved appearance. When Zola7 returns to the spotlight after an extended absence owing to his battles with chronic ailments, fans rejoice.

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