AKA and Nadia Nakai’s relationship takes a bigger turn


AKA and Nadia Nakai’s relationship takes a bigger turn

Of course, the newest couple of Mzansi had to travel in style. Rappers AKA and Nadia Nakai escaped the Johannesburg cold and rainy weather and flew to Ghana.
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They flew business class to the country and enjoyed their favourite Mzansi snacks during their flight. As we speak, they enjoy the Ghana heat having the time of their lives outdoors.

The couple changed from their flight clothes to more comfortable fits upon their arrival. One of the first activities they did was go clubbing together.

Nadia was wearing a gorgeous tye-dyed mini dress with heels. Bragga made a video of herself standing beside her man and joked about how she’s still shorter than him wearing heels.

In the club, they made it rain with so many drink orders. Nadia got up and danced when her favourite jams came on. AKA has never been much of a dancer, so he didn’t do much of that. He did sing along to some Ghanaian sounds and sounded natural.

Food and drinks

They have eaten so many different foods already. They caught up with the musician Moonchild Sanelly in the country and dined with her. On the menu, they had exotic burgers and lots of fish dishes. Both rappers sipped on a lot of various cocktails.

Ghana is hot right now. AKA is mainly wearing shirts and pants. On the other hand, Nadia has more options as she is a woman. She wore a short white dress with tiny polka dots.
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She has been wearing different dress designs throughout the entire trip. Bragga also stunned Mzansi with a sultry bikini picture of herself in a poll. Mzansi can’t get over how she stays consistent in taking care of that body.

More trip snaps will flow from the couple until they fly back to Mzansi. Currently, we are just envious of how they are enjoying the sun.

Public relationship

Ever since the couple came out in public, they’ve been serving Mzansi with serious relationship goal content. Their road wasn’t easy, though. Nadia Nakai faced backlash for dating her friend’s ( Bonang Matheba) ex-boyfriend. AKA was accused of moving on too quickly from his deceased wife, Anele Tembe.

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