AKA and Nelli Tembe Fight and end up at the Police Station


AKA and Nelli Tembe Fight and end up at the Police Station
AKA and  Nelli Tembe Fight and end up at the Police Station
Candle-lit dinner dates, Gucci bags, and good company are always the order of the day as AKA is committed to spoiling his girlfriend Nelli Tembe. Well, things allegedly took a turn for the worst on Friday.

AKA and girlfriend Nelli Tembe having a good time in the Kitchen

City Press reports that the rapper and his bae got into a heated argument over cheating rumors in his Bryanston home. The argument was out of control to the point that they had to be escorted to the police station.

The policemen on the scene say they found the two going at it with Nelli eventually claiming she was tired of him and was moving out.

AKA and girlfriend Nellie Tembe

“When the police got to the house, they were still fighting and her bags were packed. She told the police that she was tired of his behavior and was leaving [him]. She told them that she was going to book herself into a hotel and stay there before going [back] home,”

It is said they ended up at Randburg Police Station where they proceeded to try and lay criminal charges against each other. Nelli claims he manhandled her and he says she slapped him.

He continues fighting at the police station but eventually decided against laying charges.

“They both threatened to lay charges against each other, but in the end, they didn’t. They even called their respective lawyers who became mediators before leaving with their respective clients, After a long discussion and the realization that they are not opening cases against each other, the two were told to go. But emotions were still running high. Nelly, who had left the house with all her bags, got into her lawyer’s car and left,”

AKA and  Nelli Tembe Fight and end up at the Police Station

The rapper doesn’t look anything happened he did his gigs this weekend and went about tweeting as usual. The project is complete. Mixed. Mastered. Everything. All that I need now is our release date,” tweeted AKA.

The rapper recently released a track list of the EP and it set tongues wagging as it featured a track possibly dedicated to his arch-rival Casser Nyovest titled Mufasa. The song already has many saying it is their favourite and cannot wait to hear it.

AKA is also set to release the EP with a merchandise range of the same name and his fans are foaming and hyped to get their hands on it.