AKA became a different person and changed for the better

AKA became a different person and changed for the better

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Kiernan Forbes famously known as AKA did an interview with Slikour on his YouTube channel to promote his joint album with Costa Titch. Slikour and AKA were having a conversation about AKA being known for his big mouth and cocky responses. AKA said he is now a changed man.

“I think this year has really changed my character, in that I really have real perspective now on what is important and what is just not worth it” he said.

He then went on to hint that they were going to do an intense interview. Aka said that Slikour would be interviewing a different character for sure.

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Costa titch, AKA and Slikour also spoke about the album and what they have both learnt from each other. AKA said he learnt about creating content and making tik tik music. Costa said he learnt how to pay more attention to detail on the songs and professionalism from AKA.

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